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I've worked with financial institutions, digital marketing agencies, research foundations, start-ups, E-commerce brands, software vendors, consultants, manufacturers, and others.

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Why hire me?

  • Get expert help with the tool you need (Tableau, Power BI, Google Data Studio, databases, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, and others)
  • Build a new statistical model or product that will help you win business or up-sell your services
  • Impress your coworkers and clients with professional and interactive designs
  • You don't have time to mess around - Get the job done quickly and at an exceptionally high level
  • Run advanced statistical analysis or get a second opinion to validate and create new data driven strategies
  • Save hours of labor time by automating your reporting
  • Your company would like an expert but doesn't want to hire someone full time
  • Clean up a mess created by employee turnover or a prior consultant who couldn't get the job done


  • Will you travel to my business? - I am located in Chicago, IL but am happy to travel or work remotely as needed.
  • Do you outsource your work? - I don't outsource or subcontract your project. You'll be dealing directly with a US based expert for your project.
  • How much do you charge? - Me and my team have a lot of energy and talent to produce exceptional work at affordable rates

Recently Completed Projects

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Data Visualization & Analytics Tools I've Worked With: Tableau, Power BI, Google Data Studio, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, SAP Analytics Cloud, Metabase, JMP, Minitab, Alteryx, SPSS, DOMO

Data Sources I've Worked With: Google Analytics, Shipstation, Oracle ERP, Quickbooks, Microsoft SQL (MSSQL), Filemaker, Hubspot, SAGE, StitchData, Skyvia, Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint, PostgreSQL, Zapier, CSV files, If This Then That (IFTTT), PostgreSQL, Snowflake

Recent Projects Completed:

-Tableau Masterclass instructor

-Interactive graphics development for a research foundation combining data from 100+ files

-Business Intelligence reporting integration with 1000+ table manufacturing ERP system

-Custom mapping solution for oil and gas investment firm to analyze pipeline viability models

-Dashboard design for one of the largest CRM companies in the world

-Financial scorecard development for a major US bank

-Sales funnel analysis for software company to increase sales by up to 10%

-Interactive visualizations for research foundations and government grant recipients

-Customer reorder trends and statistical analysis for E-Commerce brand

-25+ Tableau visualizations for digital marketer to analyze Google Analytics and SEO data

-Survey response analysis on customer or employee engagement for HR teams

-Real estate geographic analysis for a co-working space company

-Prototype nutrition game built using data modeling of energy metabolism equations for food education company

-Data warehouse set up and integration with Tableau for E-commerce company

Spreadsheet Modeling (Excel and Google Sheets):

-Finance loan and retirement savings calculator macro

-CRM prototype development in Google Sheets

-Automatic bid and proposal generator spreadsheet for construction company

-Connect spreadsheets to API’s and pull data from the web

-Macro to pull live stock prices and volume for financial services client

-Macro to save PDF copies of sales tickets and generate a dashboard view for finance team